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Storm FrontStorm Front by Jim Butcher

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I recently picked up the first 12 books in the Dresden Files series from, because I’ve been hankering to re-read them and also because I was really interested to hear James Marsters (of Buffy fame) read them. It was an excellent decision.

The Dresden Files are some of my favorite books. The may not necessarily be the absolute finest works of literature, but they really speak to nonetheless. So going in, I expected to enjoy Stormfront because I can still remember reading it the first time and then going and reading the next seven books in the serious without pause.

What I didn’t expected was just how much I would enjoy a novel that I had already read. It was simply fantastic. Harry Dresden is one of my favorite characters (hands down) and I absolutely love the way the Jim Butcher writes this series.

Right from the beginning, the action kicks into high gear and, somehow, Butcher finds ways to continually raise the stakes throughout the novel. But one of the things that I love best is how, in the middle of the action, Butcher will pause to explain what Harry’s doing or give additional details about how magic works. You might think this would disrupt the pacing of the novel, but it actually works really well.

I’ve said many times in the past that one of Butcher’s real talents is writing characters. Harry is obviously a great character, but so are many of the secondary characters including Murphy, Bob, Susan, and Mac.

What’s really amazing is that, despite the fact that Stormfront is thoroughly enjoyable and good enough to earn a 5 star review, it’s just the beginning of the series and the books actually get better.

But I can’t conclude this review without giving some props to James Marsters as well. He did an excellent job. He really captured the tone of the novel and his voice is just perfect for Harry.

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