Patrick Rothfuss

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I love a good epic Fantasy novel, but my “to read” list is a bit on the long side and I haven’t had time to dig into a few novels that I’m just dying to read. One of those is The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. I’ve heard a ton of great things, but I’ve decided that I need to read through some of the unread books that are getting dusty on my bookshelf first.

Nonetheless, I’ve found enough time to check out Pat’s web site and peruse his blog. What I discovered is that the man is hilarious. His blog posts are so brutally honest and witty! So now, even though I’ve not yet read his novel, I’ve subscribed to his RSS feed and eagerly wait for a new post.

Today, he gave such a post and it was great. I love how he is so open about the writing process. Even as he complains about his dream job, he wins me over even more and makes me all the more eager to read his novel! I also highly recommend his “Everybody Hates Their Job Sometimes” post, which he references in today’s entry. Enjoy.