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Fool MoonFool Moon by Jim Butcher

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Although I read Fool Moon for the first time a few years ago, I recently listened to the audio version to gear up for Cold Days, the 14th installment in the ongoing Dresden saga. What I found was that Fool Moon was easily as good as I remembered.

In Storm Front, the first Dresden novel, Jim Butcher introduces us to Harry Dresden and a couple of secondary characters, but that novel is really Harry’s novel and he’s more or less on his own. Having read the first 13 novels in the series, I can vouch that the secondary characters are some of the best that I’ve encountered in any series. Thus, I was very glad that we got to see some more of Murphy and were introduced to the Alphas in Fool Moon.

It was also nice to see a more intricate plot, although I have to say that it’s possible that this one got a bit convoluted by the end. Let’s just say that there were a lot of werewolves (as you might expect by the title) and it got a little difficult to keep them all straight.

Regardless, Fool Moon was another step forward in a series that somehow seems to get better with each novel.

I should also acknowledge that James Marsters makes a great Harry Dresden. He has a great sense for the character and a flare for the dramatic. He isn’t a perfect narrator, but I can’t imagine a better Dresden.

Overall, I found Fool Moon to be very enjoyable the second time. I would honestly recommend this series to anyone, but especially those that favor urban fantasy or noir detective novels.