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Ghost Story by Jim Butcher

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

To put it simply, I enjoyed this book. A lot. Though I doubt that comes as a big surprise to anyone reading this. If you make it to book #13 in a series, that usually means you are a pretty big fan. I am.

The Dresden Files is one of my favorite fantasy series and I love Jim Butcher’s writing. The plots are always complex and twisty; the characters are real and funny; and, overall, the books are just fun. You don’t really have to think all that hard, though some of the twists will leave you a bit perplexed if you aren’t paying attention.

Another thing that I love about the series is that Butcher always seems to raise the stakes or introduce some new element with each novel. This time, Harry was faced with a very unique dilemma (one that I can’t discuss without throwing out a major spoiler warning). Harry’s new challenge was the premise for this novel and really gave it a unique perspective that was both interesting and enjoyable.

We also got a look at some new characters in Ghost Story or at least characters that we had seen in only very small doses up to this point. That was kind of refreshing, though, admittedly, the cast is starting to feel a bit large. Butcher writes the characters in this series really well and he’s done a great job developing them over the course of the series so I suspect that it will be a good thing that he’s bringing more bodies into play.

Overall, the novel was great. I really liked getting a look at the new characters and seeing how Dresden would work through the latest mystery. Truth behind said mystery was a perfect fit and really sets the next novel in motion nicely. I don’t know what’s in store exactly, but I’m sure it will be entertaining, if nothing else.

If you have somehow stumbled through this review and you haven’t read the series, drop what you are doing right now and fix that. Or if you are a fan of the series, but you haven’t read Ghost Story, I’m quite sure that you’ll love it.

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