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Grave PerilGrave Peril by Jim Butcher

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Dresden Files is one of my favorite series. I’ve read them all (excluding Cold Days) once and now I’m listening to the audio versions. When I started listening to Storm Front, the first in the series, it reminded me why I love the series and the same was true for Fool Moon. But then I listened to Grave Peril and I realized that even though I loved the first two novels, the third was somehow even better.

Grave Peril is much like the first two novels in many ways, but it’s also better in a lot of little ways. The plot is delightfully twisty, new and interesting characters make their first appearances, and Harry is, to be frank, a total badass–all of which are standard fare.

But what makes it all the better is that the story actually slows down a bit. Instead of throwing Harry into one spot after another, Butcher devotes more time to developing the characters and their relationships, to building Harry into a realistic, if flawed, character. And it’s awesome.

Dresden has a nose for finding trouble and, in the first two novels, he makes his way out relatively unscathed, if more than a little battered. But Butcher makes it clear in Grave Peril that the stakes are getting higher and so are the consequences.

In addition, Butcher introduces two of the best supporting characters in the entire series in this novel: Michael and Thomas. Personally, I think Michael kicks ass. His quiet resolve lends very well to Harry’s brash tendencies. Plus, he’s a knight and that’s pretty hard to beat.

Overall, I thought Gravel Peril was a fantastically entertaining read, a ton of fun, but also a bit deeper than the first two. If you enjoyed those, keep reading, because it gets even better. Highly recommended!