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HexedHexed by Kevin Hearne

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Okay, The Iron Druid Chronicles may not be high literature, but they are fun. Kevin Hearne’s novels are really the perfect combination of action, humor, and mythology.

Set in modern day Tempe, Atticus O’Sullivan, the only living Druid, would prefer to live a quiet life, but he’s made some enemies and has made himself a target.

Hexed picks up right where Hammered left off, in the aftermath of Atticus’ battle against Aenghus Og, evil Polish witches, and a bunch hellspawn. Although Atticus came out on top, Tempe has become a hot spot for supernatural baddies and Atticus finds himself up against a coven of Nazi-sympathizing German witches.

While it’s easy to see a few similarities with other urban fantasy novels like Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files, The Iron Druid Chronicles are really quite unique. They don’t have the dark, noir feel of many other series. They also have a strong root in mythology and history that I really appreciate. I actually feel like I learn a few things when I read these books.

Atticus is also a different sort of character. Despite the appearance of youth, Atticus is old (like 2,000 years old) and he’s gotten that old by being careful. He doesn’t hold all of the same values as most modern heroes. He cares more about the Earth than most people, although I wouldn’t consider him to be coldhearted; he just has different priorities.

Probably the best aspect of Hexed is that it’s fun. The novel is only around 300 pages and they go really quickly. It’s a great beach read or for something light in between weightier novels.