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Summer KnightSummer Knight by Jim Butcher

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Let me start by saying that Grave Peril, the third book in the series, was incredible. It added new depth to the story and characters, but also left Harry in a vulnerable and unenviable position.

As a result, Summer Knight starts well into a period of desperation and depression for Harry, but he soon finds that is the least of his concerns when he ends up thrown into a war between Summer and Winter, testing his ingenuity and his mettle.

Despite the fact that Grave Peril was amazing, Summer Knight was easily its equal. In this novel, we saw new dimension of Harry, one that was forced to deal with failure and it made him all the more human. We also saw Harry grow and learn to deal with new challenges, both magical and emotional.

And, as usual, the novel it littered interesting characters. I was particularly glad to see more of Billy (the werewolf), but I also enjoyed the reappearance of Toot-toot and his band of fairy warriors.

If nothing else, listening to these novels has made my commute to work far more enjoyable. But seriously, if you like Urban Fantasy at all, you need to check this series out. Well worth your time.