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TrickedTricked by Kevin Hearne

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I started reading this series almost by accident. I won a copy of the first novel from Goodreads and what luck it turned out to be. Kevin Hearne continues to impress me. He seems to have found the perfect formula for writing entertaining novels. He does such a great job combining adventure, myth, magic, and humor.

Tricked starts with Atticus and his pals on the lamb after a bloody romp through Asgard in the previous novel. He employs the aid of the Navajo trickster god and sometimes ally, Coyote. As you might expect, Coyote’s help comes with a price, but it’s not necessarily what Atticus predicts.

Hearne writes very well-plotted stories with excellent pacing. He seems to have an excellent sense for when the plot needs to speed up, slow down, and some comic relief, making for stories with never a dull moment. The action scenes in particular are really well done and are also delightfully frequent.

One of the things I really like about these novels (and Tricked in particular) is that I always feel like I learn something. Hearne does a really great job pulling in myths from many different cultures and working them gracefully into the story. Tricked is full of interesting Navajo myths and cultural anecdotes, but still includes tidbits from several other cultures.

Another strength of the series is the author’s sense of humor. There are a lot of amusing little witticisms in the story, as well as some more blatant jokes. I never really expected that a dog would be so funny.

The Iron Druid Chronicles are also full of interesting characters. With Tricked, we finally get to get a better glimpse into Granuaile and I think she is going to develop into a really strong character as the novels progress. Atticus himself seems to be developing as well despite his best intentions. He seems to be becoming a better person (although that does not preclude lapses in judgment). And then of course there’s Oberon, who I can’t help but love and I’m not even a dog person.

Overall, I really enjoyed Tricked. It was a perfect beach book, fun and suspenseful, but not too fluffy. Recommended.