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Hey folks! It’s been awhile. I’ve actually been off galavanting in Norway for a couple of weeks. It was amazing and I just didn’t feel the need to update the blog via my Kindle Fire while on vacation. I’m back now so I guess I’ll start posting again, though you should expect it to be pretty sporadic as is typical.

Here’s a review of Alan Moore’s Watchmen, which I read prior to my vacation. This is actually my second review as the first one got lost in vast reaches of the Internet. :( I’m also trying out a slightly different format here. Normally, I just use Goodread’s post to blog feature, tweak ever to slightly, and post. I still used the same feature, but I’ve tweaked it a bit more. I’m still trying to decide if it’s actually any better…


Watchmen by Alan Moore

3 of 5 stars

When I started delving into graphic novels a short time ago, I needed a place to begin so I found a couple of “top graphic novel” lists online. Watchmen was always near the top, literally #1 or #2. So, before long, I decided to dig in, even though I had seen and I didn’t really love the movie.

What I found was that the movie was actually very faithful to the novel. Unfortunately, that didn’t really work out that well for me. I respect a lot of the points that Moore was making with this novel–his commentary on politics, the human condition, and super heroes was pretty insightful. If for no other reason, I’m glad I read the novel for those insights. I just wish that I had enjoyed it more.

For me, Watchmen was, simply put, boring. There was drama, but not a lot of action. I suppose it’s possible that having seen the movie ruined any potential suspense, but I don’t think that was really the case. There just wasn’t anything particularly exciting about the story–no major climax.

I guess that makes me an outlier, one of the few that just wasn’t blown away.

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