The Anubis Gates

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Wow. Where do I even start with The Anubis Gates by Tim Powers? What a strange book. You’ve got time travel, sorcery, body switching werewolves, gypsies, beggars, insane clowns, dopplegangers, and Egyptian gods all rolled up into one fast-paced and chaotic story.

Chaotic. I think that’s the keyword here. The story is fun and sometimes funny, but it’s also a bit all over the place and can be hard to keep it all straight. It’s definitely one of the more interesting stories that I’ve read, but I think perhaps it’s almost a bit too interesting. There’s just so much going on…

And then there’s the hapless protagonist, Brendan Doyle. He’s probably the most helpless and pathetic main character that I’ve encountered since Arthur Dent. Unfortunately, I didn’t find him quite as lovable as Hitchhiker’s Guide’s unlucky protagonist. I will give Doyle some credit though; he did manage to grow as a character over the course of the novel and became considerably more likable and respectable by the conclusion.

Overall, I enjoyed The Anubis Gates, but, even though it was very fast-paced, it didn’t leave my dying to continue to reading. I’m giving it 3 out of 5 stars.