The Fold

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I picked up The Fold by Peter Clines at the library on something of a whim. I was scanning through the new books section, because I wanted to read something published in 2015 as part of my ongoing Hugo Awards quest. Several novels caught my interest, but, for some reason, I gravitated to The Fold even though I knew very little about it.

Having finished reading the novel, I have to say that I made a good choice. The Fold was definitely an entertaining read and I enjoyed it thoroughly. The novel follows Mike, a genius who just wants to normal, who’s recruited by a friend to investigate a top secret DARPA project that has everyone on edge.

The novel does a great job building suspense and mystery, making more than a few allusions to Sherlock Holmes. Likewise, the novel was  very well paced and I found it hard to put down. Another pleasant surprise were the numerous geeky references, which helped add levity at key moments.

Overall, the novel was well written and simply fun. It even has a nice twist that takes the novel into unexpected territory. I would certainly recommend it any readers who enjoy near-future science fiction.

Hugo Analysis

Is The Fold likely to make the Hugo shortlist? Unfortunately, I don’t think so. It was certainly entertaining and it may end up on my ballot, but I haven’t seen much buzz about it online. Do I think it’s good enough to be considered? Maybe. It certainly wouldn’t be the strongest contender, but it was definitely fun and imaginative and I think that counts for something.

What’s up next?

Right now, I’m partway through Brian Staveley’s Providence of Fire on audiobook, which is pretty good so far. I also just started The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov. It’s a classic Russian science fiction novel and one of my wife’s favorites, so when she gave it to me on our recent anniversary, I decided I should take a break from my Hugo quest and read it.