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I’ve nearly finished Ken Liu’s The Grace of Kings and I’m already trying to decide what I’ll read next. I would like it to be a novel published in 2015 so I can continue to work towards my goal of reading Hugo-eligible works for the rest of the year. Already, I don’t expect to fully honor this goal, because there are a lot of other books that I’m dying to read and some of them may prove to hard to resist, especially works that have upcoming adaptations like The Man in the High Castle and Childhood’s End.

In addition, I may choose to read novels published in previous years in order to read a sequel published in 2015. In fact, I’m already doing that now. I had already started listening to The Emperor’s Blades prior to initiating this new challenge, but I considered putting it aside until I realized that I could follow it up by reading the sequel, which was published earlier this year. This is working out nicely, because I’m really enjoying the novel (even if it is a bit tropey). It doesn’t hurt that the audiobook is narrated by the legendary Simon Vance. :)

Most likely, I’ll read Aliette de Bodard’s The House of Shattered Wings next, because I was lucky enough to win a copy in a Tor.com sweepstakes (Thank you Tor!). Otherwise, I may pick up something from the library.