Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life

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So I saw Scott Pilgrim vs The World during its opening weekend and I was pretty much blown away. I loved the story and really enjoyed the creative way it was told. The video game and pop culture elements were well done and gave the movie a unique quality.

Leaving the theater, I kept thinking about how much I really enjoyed the experience. I didn’t really know what to expect going in so I was completely unprepared for just how funny and just fun the movie ended up being.

Since then, little scenes or lines from the movie have continued to pop into my head at random times and I find myself smiling or even chuckling. So last night, I finally broke down and dropped $6.59 for the first volume of the comic book that inspired the movie, Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life. The book will be in my hands on Thursday and I can’t wait!

I am a little worried though. Like any normal kid growing up, I read comics, but not consistently. I wouldn’t buy them regularly so, when I did, I’m pretty sure I just picked out whatever had the coolest cover art. I have never really been able to quite get into comics; it is one of the lacking aspects of my otherwise impressive geek cred. I mean, I totally respect the work that goes into them and I’ve definitely enjoyed the deluge of recent comic book inspired movies, but I’ve never found a series that has really drawn me in. I’m hoping that I’ve just been reading the wrong stuff, because I really want to like the Scott Pilgrim comic as much as I enjoyed the movie.