Comic-Con Recap #3: Friday

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Friday was officially Star Wars day at Comic-Con and, as a pretty big Star Wars geek, it was pretty easy to find a panel to attend. In fact, we ended up sitting through four Star Wars panels back-to-back. Here’s a brief recap:

DK Star Wars: From Banthas to X-Wings – This was a pretty interesting panel. Several well-known Star Wars authors and experts discussed their roles in writing Star Wars Year by Year. At the end, they gave away 5 copies and I won one! Of course, I haven’t heard back from DK yet, so hopefully they’ll send it.

Amazing diorama at the Hasbro booth

Star Wars Day: Hasbro Panel – Hasbro gave us a look at upcoming Star Wars toys, which was pretty cool, even though I stopped collecting a few years ago. The coolest thing was definitely the AT-AT, which was incredible.

Star Wars Day: Collectibles Update – Representatives from several companies showed off upcoming Star Wars collectibles. It was fairly interesting, but was probably my least favorite of the Star Wars panels, mostly because I can’t afford most of the collectibles.

Star Wars: The Old Replubic – My brother is a pretty huge fan of the KOTOR games and was really excited about this panel about the new MMORPG by Bioware that is set in the same universe. We definitely got an interesting insider’s perspective on the creative process and the audience asked some pretty good questions. I don’t think I’ll play the game, but my brother probably will and I’m definitely interested to see what it will be like.

The only downside to our Star Wars marathon was that we missed a couple of panels that I would have really liked to attend including the Caprica and Joss Whedon Experience panels.

After that, we got some food, checked out the Exhibit Hall, wandered around the Gaslamp District, and ended up watching Inception at Horton Plaza.

Well, I’m out. Godspeed.