Comic-Con Recap #4: Saturday

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Saturday was perhaps our most efficient day at Comic-Con. My brother and I didn’t have a lot of panels on our to-do list, but we managed to sneak in a couple extras and really filled out our day. Here’s a breakdown of our day:

A small glimpse of the line for Chuck

Chuck – I was really excited about this panel so we got up way too early and showed up in line at 7:30 for the 10:00 panel. Needless to say, we probably could have showed up at about 9:00 or so and still made it in, but the time went fast as we chatted with the people around us. The panel was awesome even though it only lasted about 30 minutes. The entire cast was there and they were a ton of fun. This was definitely one of my favorite panels during the entire convention. And they announced that Chuck’s mom will be played by Linda Hamilton (yes, the original Sarah Conner) next season!

On another Chuck note, I didn’t see too many celebrities out and about, but all the ones did see were from Chuck. I saw Awesome, Morgan, and Leceister, though I didn’t stop them for pictures or anything.

The Event – We really wanted to go to the Warner Bros panel to see the new Harry Potter footage, but we weren’t sure if we would even be able to get in and it overlapped with Jay and Jack’s LOST Podcast panel. We were looking for something to do so we just walked into Room 6A and watched the pilot for The Event. There was no line and it killed some time, but the show didn’t look too bad either. I wasn’t crazy about the way the show was produced or the lead actor, but the premise was intriguing. I think I’ll give it a shot this fall.

The LOST Podcast with Jay and Jack – This panel was held over in the Santa Rosa room (hilarious, I know) at the Marriott next door. My brother and I are big LOST fans and we have both listened to Jay and Jack’s excellent podcast for a couple years. I definitely couldn’t pass up on this panel and I’m glad I didn’t because it was a lot of fun. The only down side was sitting through about 10 minutes or so of the Indy Fans panels that ran beforehand. Those guys were just downers (and I really like Indiana Jones!).

Warehouse 13 / Eureka – Once again, we found ourselves in the situation where we needed to kill some time. The Exhibit Hall, though very cool, was an absolute madhouse. We had a hard time dealing with the sheer volume of people so we tended to favor attending panels where you actually had a small amount of personal space. Therefore, we decided to check out this panel just a few minutes before it was scheduled to start and walked right in. Honestly, it was a lot of fun. The actors told some amusing stories and I left the panel thinking that I would really like to check out both shows. At the time, I had only seen a handful of episodes of Warehouse 13 and not a single episode of Eureka.

LOST But Not Forgotten – Our last panel of the day covered the upcoming Lost Encyclopedia. The panelists did a great job explaining their process, though I wasn’t certain that the moderator had ever used a computer before. I enjoyed the inside look and I think I’ll definitely be purchasing a copy when it comes out. The best part however was when some jerk asked why they couldn’t answering all of the questions and the moderator basically verbally bitch-slapped him.

That was a last panel for the day. After that we got some food, hung out a bit, and then hit up the Zombieland screening at the Marriott. Damn, that is a funny movie.

Well, I’m out. Godspeed.