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Back in August, I decided to set up a blog on Blogger, because, as a web designer, I was interested in checking out Google’s blogging software (even though I knew it was on the decline in popularity). I had also just returned from Comic-Con and I had a lot of experiences that I was dying to share with the Internet community at large.

Setting up a blog on Blogger was quick and easy (a sure sign of the darkside) and in no time I was sharing my thoughts about Comic-Con, television, books, and geeky stuff in general. For awhile, I was satisfied, but eventually, I realized that Blogger just didn’t give me all of the options that I needed. I also thought it would be much cooler if the blog was integrated it into my existing web site.

So, I made the decision to set up a new blog on my web site and import the content from Blogger. Between Dreamhost‘s One-click Installs and WordPress‘s Blogger import plugin, it was about as easy as you could imagine, and I’ve done enough WordPress development that creating a new template to match the look and feel of my web site was a cakewalk.

All of the posts before this one originally lived at wizarddresden.blogspot.com. For a little while at least, they will live on both sites, but I don’t see that as a problem. If you are new to the blog, I primarily write about Science Fiction and Fantasy (SFF for short) novels, television shows, and movies, but I also occasionally blog about music, graphic novels, and video and board games. If you haven’t figured it out already, I’m a pretty big geek, but, hey, I’m okay with that.

If you happen to notice any major issues, shoot me an email. There is a contact link in the footer.

Well, I hope everyone enjoys the new setup as much as I do. If nothing else, I’m just pleased that my blog finally has a header graphic that it deserves. Hurray for UFOs and aliens!


  1. Sherry Adams says:

    Cheers mate! This is exactly what I was looking for.

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