My (Way Late) Harry Potter Review

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November was a crazy month filled with lots of writing and, unfortunately, the blog was forced to take a back seat. However, I did manage to find time to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 on opening weekend. Now that I have some time, I thought I would throw out my two cents on the film.

Basically, I loved it. I say that now, but after I see it another time or two, I’m sure I’ll start noticing the little things that they got wrong and the things that they left out. Nonetheless, when I left the theater, I was really satisfied. At this point, I think I would even venture to say that it’s the strongest of the films so far and definitely the best since Goblet of Fire, which is probably my favorite otherwise.

I think the main reason that I liked it so much was that it was so loyal of the book. I think everyone’s biggest complaints about the movies in general, at least since Prisoner of Azkaban, is that they leave out key scenes, themes, dialog, or other elements of the novels. In fact, most of the films aren’t just guilty of this once or twice, but several times.

Of course, I think everyone understands that it’s impossible to convert a full novel to a feature length film without losing something and we are forced to forgive WB on some level. But with HP7 being split into two films, the writers were able to include so much more than usual and it was great.

For once, I felt like scenes were given a reasonable amount of time to play out. It didn’t feel so rushed. In fact, there were times that it may have even dragged just a little. For example, I’ve heard the complaint by some that the camping scenes went on too long and were boring. I actually think that they did a great job. In the novel, those chapters WERE depressing and somewhat boring. Mostly, they were frustrating because Harry and company didn’t know what to do. I thought that the film did a great job capturing the frustration that J.K. Rowling meant the characters and the reader to feel.

Another thing that was great about HP7 was the acting. Dan, Emma, and Rupert have come a long way as actors and I thought they did a pretty good job. However, it was the other actors that were really fantastic. The films always seem to be excellently cast and this was no exception. The actor that played Yaxley was particularly good.

The movie really kept me glued to the screen and the two and half hours just cruised by. I totally wasn’t ready for it to end; I could have sat there for five hours to see the full thing without a problem. I’m definitely excited to see Part 2, which I think will also be fantastic. They should have plenty of time to really do an awesome job with Gingrotts and the final battle. July can’t come soon enough!