Chuck VS the A-Team

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I have to say, this wasn’t the greatest episode of all time. The quality of the show has really been tapering off since they captured Volkov. The last couple weeks or so have just felt a little flat. It looks like Volkov’s daughter will be set up as the next villain, but it can’t come soon enough.

Now, that doesn’t mean that the most recent episodes have been all that bad, but they certainly haven’t been up to their normal caliber. What it does mean is that I’m struggling to find any “top moments” from this week’s episode. Morgan didn’t produce any major laughs, nor did Jeff and Lester. Chuck and Sarah’s mission was…well they didn’t really even have a mission. Instead, they just tagged along with the “A-Team” and Chuck diffused a nuclear bomb with apple juice. Um, yeah. Even for Chuck, that was a little cheesy.

So instead of reaching for moments and making a half-hearted attempt at a list, I’m just going to call it a night and hope for a better episode next week. The delivery of the laptop to Ellie does at least give me some hope for something interesting in future episodes. If nothing else, it means we’ll get to see more of Sarah Lancaster and that is never a bad thing. Also, the previews for next week’s episode looked rather promising.

Chuck VS The First Bank of Evil

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Okay, so I’ve been lazy (and reading the Wheel of Time) over the past few weeks and I haven’t posted my standard Chuck “top moments,” but tonight I’m back on track. Tonight’s episode was pretty good, but it wasn’t exceptional.

Unfortunately, I feel like the episodes have been a bit lacking since Volkov was captured, Ellie had a bady, Chuck proposed to Sarah, and Jeffster performed all in one wicked episode. Understandably, that’s a bit much to top, but the episodes have been just a little on the bland side since then.

Nonetheless, I like the direction that the story is heading and I think we’re in store for some more good episodes before the season is out. If nothing else, Chuck consistently delivers with its finales so I’m sure we’ll get at least one truly awesome episode.

Well, with no further ado, here are my favorite moments from tonight’s episode:

4 – Star Wars pillowcases. I know that we’ve seen them before, but I love Morgan’s pillowcases. I wish I had a set for myself!

3 – Renaissance fair at the Buy More. Not as hilarious as some of Jeff and Lester’s previous hijinks, but still amusing.

2 – The bank heist. Even if it was just for distraction, it was pretty sweet. Chuck and Sarah had some amusing banter and I definitely enjoyed the Sarah’s Matrix moment.

1 – Vivian goes darkside. This was a little predictable, but we have been in need of a decent villain since Volkov was taken down. Lauren Cohan (Vivian Volkov) played a wily thief (I guess you might say) in season three of Supernatural so I’ve seen her is a somewhat villainous role before and I thought she did quite well. I really liked her character in that show and I’m looking forward to seeing how this plays out. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that she is pretty darn sexy.

Chuck vs The Gobbler

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I thought tonight’s episode of Chuck was really good. No, it didn’t have so much of the good-natured humor or the larger-than-life fight sequences, but what it did have was a deep and meaningful plot and all of our favorite characters jammed into one episode. Here are some of my favorite parts:

Back in black

Sarah in that catsuit was smoking! I still prefer her as a blonde, but I can’t deny that I enjoy watching her kick ass in tight-fitting leather.


What an awesome villain! And so excellently portrayed by Timothy Dalton. I just love that Volkov is this weird hopeless romantic that enjoys painting and poetry. It’s pretty strange, but it works.


I love Risk (and strategy board games in general). It is definitely one of my games of all time. I’m just not sure why Morgan rolled the dice after he said it was his turn. He does realize that’s not how the games works, right?

Amazing cast

Seriously. As usual, the episode featured Chuck, Morgan, Casey, and Sarah. But it also included Jeff and Lester, Big Mike, Chuck’s mom, Volkov, Awesome, Ellie, and Alex. I think the only character we missed was Colonel Beckman.

I was really glad to see Ellie and Awesome; it had been too long since they had been featured in an episode. And Alex is so cute. Let’s just say Morgan has done pretty well for himself.

So yeah, just an awesome ensemble of characters and an awesome episode. All it really lacked was some Summer Glau-style Greta action. :)

Chuck vs The Balcony

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After much waiting, Chuck finally returned this evening with a new episode, “Chuck vs The Balcony.” Overall, it was pretty good. It had some quality comedic moments and actually a pretty nice twist at the end. Here are my favorites (SPOILERS AHEAD!):

Chuck’s amazing catch
I knew Chuck was good, but the fight scene where he had to keep the wine from spilling was ridiculous (in a good way) and catching the wine glass on the back of his hand capped it off perfectly.

Sarah take’s over Morgan’s operation
I loved how Sarah basically decided the proposal was going to happen even if she had to orchestrate the entire thing.

The Twist
Sarah is going undercover to infiltrate Volkov! I can’t wait to see how this plays out.

Oh my god, Lester’s song was glorious! The moment his Nerd Herd uniform flew off, I knew we were in for something special, but Lester’s rendition of 80’s big hair legend Whitesnake was beyond awesome. My hat’s off to you, fine sir.

The list is short and simple this week. Can’t wait to see what’s in store next time!

2010 in Review

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With the coming of the new year, I decided to reflect on the books I read and the movies and television that I watched in 2010.


Best Reads

  1. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
  2. Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson
  3. Changes by Jim Butcher
  4. Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb

Best Surprise

  1. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
  2. Changes by Jim Butcher

Biggest Disappointment

  1. Assassin’s Quest by Robin Hobb
  2. The Time Machine by H.G. Wells

Best Character

  1. Winner: Kelsier (from Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn)
  2. Runner up: Fitz (from Robin Hobb’s Farseer series)


Best Movie

  1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
  2. Scott Pilgrim vs The World
  3. Inception
  4. Tron Legacy

Most Anticipated Movie

  1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows


Best Television Show

  1. Lost
  2. Chuck

Best New Television Show

  1. The Event

Best “New to Me” Television Show

  1. Supernatural
  2. Arrested Development

Best Good Guy

  1. Chuck (Chuck)
  2. Hurley (Lost)

Best Bad Guy

  1. The Man in Black (Lost)
  2. Volkov (Chuck)

Hottest Lady

  1. Greta (Summer Glau) on Chuck
  2. Sarah on Chuck

So long 2010 and thanks for all the fish.

Chuck vs The Fear of Death

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I’m a day behind on Chuck, but it was well worth the wait. Chuck vs the Fear of Death was pretty solid, not the best episode we’ve seen yet or anything, but entertaining nonetheless. Here are my favorite moments from the episode:

4 – Alex is back. Briefly. I love Alex. She is so cute. I wish she was in the show more.

3 – Agent Jim Rye. This guy was a scholar and a gentleman. I salute you Jim. Stay classy.

2 – Chuck and Sarah dressed as Han and Leia. I nearly died laughing when Sarah picked up the picture. Hilarious and hot!

1 – Summer Glau as Greta. I’m still trying to pick my jaw up off the floor. Why can’t Summer be the permanent Greta?

Kind of a short list, but Summer Glau probably deserves the top three spots. She is a talented actress and absolutely gorgeous. I wish she could be a permanent part of the show, but alas, she was fired.

I’m also a huge Whedon fan and it’s awesome to see some of the gang back together, if only briefly. The attempt at a Firefly reference was nice, but not terribly funny.

Can’t wait for next week!

Chuck vs The First Fight

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It’s that time again. Yes, the time where I list out my favorite moments (in varying formats) my favorite moments from these week’s episode of Chuck, “Chuck vs The First Fight.”

7. Triangle discs. Awesome.

6. The sheep. Amaaaaazing. Get it? That was supposed to be…oh never mind. It was lame.

5. Tiny weapons fight.

4. Chuck’s mom is a triple agent? Quadruple maybe? This is getting ridiculous, but somehow it just makes the situation even more entertaining.

3. Ellie finally gets some answers. This was really a touching scene and Sarah Lancaster did a wonderful job.

2. Timothy Dalton. This guy is all class. Great performance. Absolutely loved the twist!

1. The fight scene. I think this was one of the better hand-to-hand fights that we’ve been treated to. I love it when Chuck and Sarah work in tandem.

Chuck vs the Aisle of Terror

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I just wanted to sneak in a quick post to mention how awesome tonight’s episode of Chuck was. The fourth season of this show has been fantastic. There has been a ton of awesomely geeky guest starts (especially Linda Hamilton), a great story, great action, and tons of laughs. I have so much fun watching the show each week.

So without further ado, here are my top moments from “Chuck vs the Aisle of Terror:”

5. Morgan and Casey. If Chuck doesn’t get picked up for a 5th season, they should do a buddy cop show.

4. Sarah nabs Chuck’s mom. Oh my! The hurt, the betrayal. I can’t see Chuck handling this well.

3. Chuck finally tells Sarah that their mother is a spy. Now, if he would just come clean about himself!

2. The Aisle of Terror. Terrifying in so many ways.

1. Linda Hamilton! And she’s just the right amount of badass.

Okay, I think that’s enough. Tonight’s episode was great. I can’t mention enough how much I enjoy this show. I’m so glad that the back nine episodes got picked up. 22 episodes of Chuck makes me happy.

Chuck vs. the Coup d’ Etat

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It’s no secret that Chuck is currently my favorite show on TV. I thought tonight’s episode was pretty good. It had humorous moments, a great cast (no surprise there), an amusing adventure, and some more serious moments. Overall, it made me laugh, it kept me entertained, and it left me feeling good. Job well done in my book. Here are my top six moments:

6. The Generalismo of Costa Graves
This guy could only be more ridiculous if they gave him the line, “I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I drink Dos Equis.”

5. Gratuitous bikini shots
It may have been a bit excessive, but, let’s face it, I’ll never complain about seeing Sarah in a bikini.

4. Chuck finally comes clean to Ellie, sort of
Well, at least he told her that he was looking for their mom. Will he ever come clean about still being a spy? I don’t know. Would she ever be able to just him after that? I don’t want to think about it.

3. Chuck’s smirk
It was so heartwarming to see Chuck smile after Sarah professes her love while she thinks he’s sleeping.

2. Morgan gets some action
Go Morgan. Alex is cute, but she’s Casey’s daughter. I see many humorous moments to come from this relationship.

1. Awesome’s statue
Can you honor a guy more than by carving his likeness into a 9 foot block of marble? I think not.

I wanted to do my top ten moments, but it’s late and I’m lazy. Anyways, I thought the show was as entertaining as usual, but I’m looking forward to seeing more Linda Hamilton and Summer Glau.

The Event

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I think Monday night is my favorite for television so far this fall. I’ve been a pretty big Chuck fan for awhile now and the episodes this season have been as good as ever. I really do like this show quite a lot and part of me just wants to write about how awesome it is and its ridiculous stunt casting, but, instead, I think I’ll talk about the other show that is making Monday night so enjoyable: The Event.

I actually saw the pilot episode at Comic-Con and, honestly, I just wasn’t sold on the show. I didn’t love the way it jumped around the timeline so much, nor did I love the acting.

Nonetheless, I was intrigued by the plot and watched the second episode last week. I found that I still didn’t love the way the show jumped around, but I got used to it, and maybe the acting isn’t Lost quality, but it’s not bad either. But what really changed for me was the plot. As it turns out, the show is about ALIENS. Yeah. That’s pretty cool. I can dig that.

We got a little backstory in bits and pieces and I’m really intrigued now. Apparently these aliens landed in Alaska in 1944. The aliens look exactly the same as humans, but they do have some minor cellular differences. Most of them were detained, but at least a few managed to sneak off and have assimilated into the U.S. culture. Their motives are unknown.

So last week’s episode was pretty cool. It gave us this backstory, but Sean Walker’s story heated up as well. One of the producers is from 24 and the influences are very apparent (Sean is basically the Jack Bauer of the show), but those influences keep the show exciting and suspenseful.

Now this week, we’re starting to see how the conspiracy surrounding “the event” runs deep and discovering the root of that conspiracy is probably going to be the only thing that keeps Sean from getting killed. I’m still not sure how he is wrapped up in the whole mess, but I am confident that we’ll get the answer before too long. So far, most of the answers have come pretty quickly.

I wouldn’t say that The Event is my favorite show on television, but I think I can say that it’s my favorite new show. I’m not really watching that many new shows, so maybe that isn’t saying a lot either, but it really is pretty decent and I think its a great replacement for anyone suffering from 24 withdrawal.