The Hobbit in Review

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I don’t post about movies very often. Honestly, I just don’t watch that many. In general, I prefer the vast story lines that can only be achieved in television and novels. However, I did find myself in the theater last weekend watching The Hobbit.

And how could I not? The Lord of the Rings remains one of my favorite set of novels and I thoroughly enjoyed Peter Jackson’s adaptations. Even if they weren’t always completely accurate to the novel, Jackson’s films captured the mood and tone of the novels perfectly. So seeing The Hobbit wasn’t just a no-brainer, it was a requirement.

Now, going in, I was leery. Not only had the film been getting a bit of negative press, I was concerned about the fact that Jackson had taken a 300 page novel and converted into not one, not two, but three movies. Logically, if each novel from The Lord of the Rings trilogy equals one movie, then The Hobbit should also be one movie, and shorter in length even!

Walking out of the theater however, I was generally pleased with the movie. Was it as good as The Lord of the Rings? No, definitely not, but it wasn’t bad either. What’s interesting (if not surprising) was that the weakest parts of the movie were those that the screen writers added in, the bits that they expanded upon with information from other histories written by Tolkien or made up entirely.

In particular, I did not care for the super-orc with a vendetta against Thorin (I can’t remember his name at the moment). It didn’t really make a lot of sense and it didn’t seem particularly necessary. I also wasn’t that fond of the “epicness.” The Hobbit isn’t supposed to be epic. The Hobbit is a story for kids, a lighthearted romp full of adventure and juvenile fun. The movie got a little too serious at times and it just felt a bit out of place with the original intent of the novel.

I will say, however, there were some things that I really did like that weren’t explicitly pulled from the novel like the back story that was told at the beginning of the movie. I loved seeing the dwarven city within the mountain. I’ve always had a hard time visualize what they might look like and I was really impressed with what the filmmakers came up with. I also liked how the framed the story as one that Bilbo was writing on the day of his 111th birthday, which tied it nicely with The Lord of the Rings and presented a nice opportunity for cameos. And I can’t help but mention that I profoundly enjoyed the scenes within the Misty Mountains, particularly the dwarves flight from the goblins.

Overall, The Hobbit was pretty good, but a bit too long. Perhaps 2 hours would have been enough and then maybe they would not have needed to add so much non-essential material. Either way, I love Tolkien’s world and I can’t complain too much about getting another glimpse inside. Without question, I’ll see the next in theater and probably own them all on blu-ray.

First Official Hobbit Trailer

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The Hobbit was the first fantasy novel that I read (which wasn’t until college) and, since then, I’ve devoured as many fantasy novels as possible, but I still consider The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings to be my favorites. The characters and world is so imaginative and wonderful…I just love it.

The entire reason that I even read The Hobbit to begin with was because of Peter Jackson’s film adaptations of The Lord of the Rings. I was engrossed by the movies and they inspired me to read the novels. Now, I love the novels AND the films. The films are not perfect in all of the details, but they do a wonderful job conveying the major themes and imagery of the novels.

Jackson’s adaptation of The Hobbit won’t hit theaters for a year, but the first official trailer has been released and it looks amazing. If the movie ends up being half as good as it looks, I will be thrilled. Enjoy!

Happy Halloween

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With Halloween falling on a Sunday this year, that left two nights for costume parties and a rather busy fun weekend indeed. I tried out two costumes this year, one on Friday and one on Saturday. On Friday, I dressed up as a Buy More employee from Chuck. I did this one on the cheap and, as expected, no one knew what I was supposed to be, but there were some pretty close guesses. On Saturday, I went with the old standby: Marty McFly from Back to the Future. I’ve used this costume for the last three years and I feel no shame for it is pure awesome.

As I mentioned, this weekend was pretty busy and I didn’t have time to comment on a few news items that I found interesting. So I’m just going to insert some brief comments about each and feel better about myself.

Caprica is Done

I can’t say I didn’t see this one coming. The BSG prequel was getting pretty awful viewer numbers and I can’t blame Syfy for pulling the plug. I am a little surprised that they are holding off on airing the final episodes until 2011 however. I guess it just tanked that bad.

I had actually been watching, but, after every episode, I wondered why. I didn’t really like any of the characters or the story and it didn’t really feel like it was going anywhere. I can’t say that I’ll really miss it.

The Hobbit is Actually Moving Forward

This movie has had more problems getting started than I can realistically hope to list, but lately there has been some pretty positive news. There have been several casting announcements, including the confirmation that Martin Freeman will be playing the part of Bilbo Baggins, and that the movie will stay in New Zealand. I’m just happy to hear that things are moving in the right direction and I’m hoping that it’s a sign that we’ll be treated to the quality film that we are all expecting.


I just finished watching season two and, I have to say, this show is great. I really enjoyed the first season and the second may have been even better. Sam and Dean are such amazing characters and the acting is really superb. I’m a little disappointed that I haven’t been watching from the beginning, but it is awesome being able to watch at my own pace too. I may do a full post devoted to season two, but I just wanted to sneak in a quick comment.

Okay, I think that’s enough for one night. Happy Halloween all.