Chuck Is Back!

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Chuck is back and filled with awesome, spy-fi goodness! I was really excited about the premiere, especially after seeing how excited the cast was at Comic-Con, and it did not disappoint. Chuck is basically my favorite show right now and I’ve got very high expectations for season four.

The premiere certainly delivered with the mix of action and humor that have come to define the show. Seriously, tonight’s episode was a blast. They did a great job wrapping up the loose ends from last season’s finale and getting right back into the action.

My Top 10 Moments

  1. Amazing casting. Dolf Lundgren. Olivia Munn. Linda Hamilton. A geek’s fantasy. Enough said.
  2. The Buy More is back and better than ever.
  3. Gretta. (Oh crap, I just drooled on my keyboard.)
  4. Chuck is a spy again, after about a 10 minute break.
  5. Casey’s groans.
  6. Morgan as Chuck’s sidekick.
  7. Sarah. (Drooling again).
  8. Sexting!
  9. Chuck is still a badass.
  10. Chuck’s mom is even more badass.
I really want to say more, but it’s late and I need to sign off for the night. Godspeed!