Chuck VS the A-Team

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I have to say, this wasn’t the greatest episode of all time. The quality of the show has really been tapering off since they captured Volkov. The last couple weeks or so have just felt a little flat. It looks like Volkov’s daughter will be set up as the next villain, but it can’t come soon enough.

Now, that doesn’t mean that the most recent episodes have been all that bad, but they certainly haven’t been up to their normal caliber. What it does mean is that I’m struggling to find any “top moments” from this week’s episode. Morgan didn’t produce any major laughs, nor did Jeff and Lester. Chuck and Sarah’s mission was…well they didn’t really even have a mission. Instead, they just tagged along with the “A-Team” and Chuck diffused a nuclear bomb with apple juice. Um, yeah. Even for Chuck, that was a little cheesy.

So instead of reaching for moments and making a half-hearted attempt at a list, I’m just going to call it a night and hope for a better episode next week. The delivery of the laptop to Ellie does at least give me some hope for something interesting in future episodes. If nothing else, it means we’ll get to see more of Sarah Lancaster and that is never a bad thing. Also, the previews for next week’s episode looked rather promising.