Chuck vs the Aisle of Terror

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I just wanted to sneak in a quick post to mention how awesome tonight’s episode of Chuck was. The fourth season of this show has been fantastic. There has been a ton of awesomely geeky guest starts (especially Linda Hamilton), a great story, great action, and tons of laughs. I have so much fun watching the show each week.

So without further ado, here are my top moments from “Chuck vs the Aisle of Terror:”

5. Morgan and Casey. If Chuck doesn’t get picked up for a 5th season, they should do a buddy cop show.

4. Sarah nabs Chuck’s mom. Oh my! The hurt, the betrayal. I can’t see Chuck handling this well.

3. Chuck finally tells Sarah that their mother is a spy. Now, if he would just come clean about himself!

2. The Aisle of Terror. Terrifying in so many ways.

1. Linda Hamilton! And she’s just the right amount of badass.

Okay, I think that’s enough. Tonight’s episode was great. I can’t mention enough how much I enjoy this show. I’m so glad that the back nine episodes got picked up. 22 episodes of Chuck makes me happy.