Chuck vs The Balcony

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After much waiting, Chuck finally returned this evening with a new episode, “Chuck vs The Balcony.” Overall, it was pretty good. It had some quality comedic moments and actually a pretty nice twist at the end. Here are my favorites (SPOILERS AHEAD!):

Chuck’s amazing catch
I knew Chuck was good, but the fight scene where he had to keep the wine from spilling was ridiculous (in a good way) and catching the wine glass on the back of his hand capped it off perfectly.

Sarah take’s over Morgan’s operation
I loved how Sarah basically decided the proposal was going to happen even if she had to orchestrate the entire thing.

The Twist
Sarah is going undercover to infiltrate Volkov! I can’t wait to see how this plays out.

Oh my god, Lester’s song was glorious! The moment his Nerd Herd uniform flew off, I knew we were in for something special, but Lester’s rendition of 80’s big hair legend Whitesnake was beyond awesome. My hat’s off to you, fine sir.

The list is short and simple this week. Can’t wait to see what’s in store next time!