Chuck vs. the Coup d’ Etat

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It’s no secret that Chuck is currently my favorite show on TV. I thought tonight’s episode was pretty good. It had humorous moments, a great cast (no surprise there), an amusing adventure, and some more serious moments. Overall, it made me laugh, it kept me entertained, and it left me feeling good. Job well done in my book. Here are my top six moments:

6. The Generalismo of Costa Graves
This guy could only be more ridiculous if they gave him the line, “I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I drink Dos Equis.”

5. Gratuitous bikini shots
It may have been a bit excessive, but, let’s face it, I’ll never complain about seeing Sarah in a bikini.

4. Chuck finally comes clean to Ellie, sort of
Well, at least he told her that he was looking for their mom. Will he ever come clean about still being a spy? I don’t know. Would she ever be able to just him after that? I don’t want to think about it.

3. Chuck’s smirk
It was so heartwarming to see Chuck smile after Sarah professes her love while she thinks he’s sleeping.

2. Morgan gets some action
Go Morgan. Alex is cute, but she’s Casey’s daughter. I see many humorous moments to come from this relationship.

1. Awesome’s statue
Can you honor a guy more than by carving his likeness into a 9 foot block of marble? I think not.

I wanted to do my top ten moments, but it’s late and I’m lazy. Anyways, I thought the show was as entertaining as usual, but I’m looking forward to seeing more Linda Hamilton and Summer Glau.