Chuck vs The Fear of Death

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I’m a day behind on Chuck, but it was well worth the wait. Chuck vs the Fear of Death was pretty solid, not the best episode we’ve seen yet or anything, but entertaining nonetheless. Here are my favorite moments from the episode:

4 – Alex is back. Briefly. I love Alex. She is so cute. I wish she was in the show more.

3 – Agent Jim Rye. This guy was a scholar and a gentleman. I salute you Jim. Stay classy.

2 – Chuck and Sarah dressed as Han and Leia. I nearly died laughing when Sarah picked up the picture. Hilarious and hot!

1 – Summer Glau as Greta. I’m still trying to pick my jaw up off the floor. Why can’t Summer be the permanent Greta?

Kind of a short list, but Summer Glau probably deserves the top three spots. She is a talented actress and absolutely gorgeous. I wish she could be a permanent part of the show, but alas, she was fired.

I’m also a huge Whedon fan and it’s awesome to see some of the gang back together, if only briefly. The attempt at a Firefly reference was nice, but not terribly funny.

Can’t wait for next week!