Chuck vs The First Fight

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It’s that time again. Yes, the time where I list out my favorite moments (in varying formats) my favorite moments from these week’s episode of Chuck, “Chuck vs The First Fight.”

7. Triangle discs. Awesome.

6. The sheep. Amaaaaazing. Get it? That was supposed to be…oh never mind. It was lame.

5. Tiny weapons fight.

4. Chuck’s mom is a triple agent? Quadruple maybe? This is getting ridiculous, but somehow it just makes the situation even more entertaining.

3. Ellie finally gets some answers. This was really a touching scene and Sarah Lancaster did a wonderful job.

2. Timothy Dalton. This guy is all class. Great performance. Absolutely loved the twist!

1. The fight scene. I think this was one of the better hand-to-hand fights that we’ve been treated to. I love it when Chuck and Sarah work in tandem.