Chuck vs The Gobbler

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I thought tonight’s episode of Chuck was really good. No, it didn’t have so much of the good-natured humor or the larger-than-life fight sequences, but what it did have was a deep and meaningful plot and all of our favorite characters jammed into one episode. Here are some of my favorite parts:

Back in black

Sarah in that catsuit was smoking! I still prefer her as a blonde, but I can’t deny that I enjoy watching her kick ass in tight-fitting leather.


What an awesome villain! And so excellently portrayed by Timothy Dalton. I just love that Volkov is this weird hopeless romantic that enjoys painting and poetry. It’s pretty strange, but it works.


I love Risk (and strategy board games in general). It is definitely one of my games of all time. I’m just not sure why Morgan rolled the dice after he said it was his turn. He does realize that’s not how the games works, right?

Amazing cast

Seriously. As usual, the episode featured Chuck, Morgan, Casey, and Sarah. But it also included Jeff and Lester, Big Mike, Chuck’s mom, Volkov, Awesome, Ellie, and Alex. I think the only character we missed was Colonel Beckman.

I was really glad to see Ellie and Awesome; it had been too long since they had been featured in an episode. And Alex is so cute. Let’s just say Morgan has done pretty well for himself.

So yeah, just an awesome ensemble of characters and an awesome episode. All it really lacked was some Summer Glau-style Greta action. :)