Fall TV is All About the Returning Favorites This Year

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Every year, I like to check out a few new shows, particularly those that fall into the science fiction, fantasy, or supernatural genres. There a several web sites like io9.com or blastr.com that give fall previews and I usually check those out to see what looks interesting. Unfortunately, this year, there weren’t really very many new shows that caught my attention. At this point, I have only tried out two: Person of Interest and Terra Nova.

Terra Nova

Terra Nova is set about 100 years in the future when overpopulation and pollution have ravaged the earth. Luckily, some scientists have opened a gateway into a parallel universe, but, unfortunately, it’s 85 million years in the past. So, the upside is that some lucky humans get a chance to start over in an unspoiled setting, but the downside is that they might get eaten by dinosaurs. So yeah, the conceit of the show borrows a lot from Jurassic Park, but then who didn’t love Jurassic Park?

The two hour premiere was pretty entertaining. It wasn’t the greatest thing that I have ever seen, but I came away thinking that the show has some potential. At this point, I’m willing to give it more time and see how things play out. I think the concept is good enough to work for awhile, but I am a touch concerned about the characters. A show can’t be all action and adventure–it has to have great characters that audiences can relate to and I’m not yet sure that Terra Nova has many of those .

Person of Interest

This is another J.J Abrams creation. I loved LOST and Alias was pretty cool for awhile, but most of J.J.’s other attempts at television have been duds. I’m already afraid that may be the case here too. Although it includes some talented actors, I’m afraid that won’t be enough to really keep the show afloat.

The pilot felt very much like a standard investigation show with a slightly different (“sci-fi light”) premise. I have this feeling that we’re just going to get a procedural in the vein of The Mentalist and that won’t satisfy genre fans like myself. That said, I wasn’t really impressed with the pilot, but I might give it another episode or two to pull me in.

Returning Favorites

One thing that is a little strange this year is that there are actually several returning shows that I’m interested in watching. The problem is that, for a few of them, I’m a season behind!

I will of course watch The Office, unless it gets really terrible, because it’s still one of the funniest shows on the major networks. I am also looking forward to, what I assume will be, the final season of Chuck, which doesn’t premiere until sometime in October.

However, I’m also trying to catch up on Supernatural, The Big Bang Theory, and Castle so I can start watching them as they air. The main problem is that the previous seasons’ DVDs only came out about one week before the current seasons premiered. I have no idea why this was the case, but, for the time being, I’m recording all three of those shows on my DVR while I catch up. Hopefully, I’ll do so before I run out of DVR space, but we’ll see.