Fall TV Makes Me Happy for Netflix

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Needless to say, there haven’t been a lot of really great new shows on television this fall.  I consider myself somewhat of a TV junkie and it’s nice to have a few shows to turn to over the course of the week, but this fall, I find myself turning to Neftlix more often than prime time television.

The Event
Personally, I tried out a few new shows, but the only one that I’ve managed to stick with is The Event. Now, The Event is by no means a perfect show, but it’s suspenseful and has a pretty interesting plot. Right now, that is more than enough for me to stay tuned.

I stuck with this one for three episodes. The only reason that I even watched it to begin with was because it was a creation of J.J. Abrams, but that wasn’t really enough to make it good. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t anything special either and with rumors abound of cancelation, I decided to drop out.

No Ordinary Family
I only watched the first two episodes before I simply forgot about it and failed to record it. I think that says it all. The show is completely forgettable. I thought it did have some potential, but the writers need to find a way to make the show live up to its title.

For returning shows, I’m only watching Chuck, The Office, and Caprica. Chuck and the Office have been fantastic, but I’m still on the fence on Caprica. I didn’t really like the first episode very well and I haven’t worked up the energy to watch the second yet, though I did record it. I have a feeling that I’m going to give up on this one too, which is probably fine, because it sounds like it will be cancelled.

Now that I’m down to just a few shows, I’m finding myself with more time for Netflix than I expected. This actually works out pretty well, because I’m really enjoying the second season of Supernatural and the final season of Angel as much as or more than anything on prime time TV.