Fall TV Programming

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Blastr has posted a complete guide to 20 new and return sci-fi TV shows just a day after I decided to peruse the major networks’ web sites to see what is on tap for this fall. As it turns out, I’m not really that excited about the lineup at this point, but here’s what I’ve got to say about each series.

The Big Bang Theory – I’ve heard this is very funny, but I’ve never watched it. I may just try to hop in anyways and catch up on previous seasons via Netflix.

Caprica – The second half of season one was scheduled to debut in January, but got bumped up to October. I watched the first half and thought it was decent so I’ll give the second half a whirl.

Chuck – I’m really excited about Chuck. I’m expecting it to be my favorite show this year since Lost is over. I really enjoyed season three and I think they’ll do a good job with it again this year. The writers seem to have a knack for catering to their fans.

The Event – I saw the premiere at Comic-Con and thought it was decent. I think it could go either way, but I think I’ll give it a shot.

Fringe – I watched the first couple episodes and stopped, but I’ve heard it just keeps getting better. I won’t be watching it this fall, but I may check it out on Netflix later.

Human Target – I thought this got canceled. No? Oh. Well, I didn’t watch season one and I’m not planning on watching season two.

Medium – I’ve never watched this show and I’m not interested in starting anytime soon.

Nakita – I never saw the original series that this is based on, but I was always under the impression that it was rather cheesy. The new show promises the same. No thanks.

No Ordinary Family – I think I’m going to check out this show about a family with super powers. I heard it didn’t get amazing buzz at Comic-Con, but that might not mean anything.

Sanctuary – I haven’t had a chance to check this one out yet so I’ll have to pass again this fall.

Smallville – Considering that I’ve only seen a handful of episodes from season one (which I enjoyed), there is just no way that I would consider jumping in for season ten.

Stargate Universe – I’ve heard mixed reviews on this one and I’ve never watched any other the other Stargate shows so I’ve got no plans to start watching this fall.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars – I started watching this when it first aired a couple years ago, but it was a little too cute for me. I know that there are some people that are really into it (adults included), but I’m not sure if I’m capable of watching a children’s program anymore, even though I love Star Wars.

Supernatural – I just started watching this series on Netflix this summer and I’m really getting into it. Unfortunately, I’m still working through season one so I’m going to hold off on season six until I catch up.

Tower Prep – I have no idea what this is so I’ll pass.

Ugly Americans – I did see one commercial for this and I thought it looked terrible.

Undercovers – I’m not sure this is really sci-fi, but it is from J.J. Abrams so he’ll probably work in some sci-fi at some point. Honestly, it looks pretty cheesy, but I’m usually willing to at least give an Abrams program a chance.

V – I started watching last season and I hated the storytelling. I thought the concept was decent, but the execution was terrible. Oh and the son was a total moron. I couldn’t handle it and gave up. I’m not planning on picking it up again.

The Vampire Diaries – Oh god no.

The Walking Dead – I’m not really a big zombie guy, but I heard the comic series is excellent and I did absolutely love Zombieland so there is a slim chance that I may check this out.

Well, out of the 20, I plan on watching Chuck and Caprica for sure; I’ll be giving newcomers No Ordinary Family, Undercovers, and The Event a shot; and I may try to pick up on The Big Bang Theory. Combine those with football, hockey, and Netflix and I’ll soon be spending far too many hours in front of the TV.