A Review of Castle or Why Nathan Fillion is My Hero

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Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but, yeah, Nathan Fillion is pretty awesome. He’s not the only reason, but he is certainly one of the main reasons, why Castle is such an enjoyable show.

At this point, I’ve just watched the first season, which was a paltry 10 episodes, but I definitely like what I’ve seen so far. Yes, it is a murder mystery, which isn’t usually my genre of choice, but the writing is great, the banter is witty, and Nathan Fillion is almost smarmy. Wow, did I really just use the word smarmy?

Nathan Fillion basically steals the show. Fillion has long held a place of honor in the geek community and for good reason. Nathan Fillion is and always will be Malcolm Reynolds. It doesn’t matter what show or movie he appears in, part of me will always think of Firefly and make me smile. At the moment, he’s basically the Harrison Ford of television. I mean, Ford is an amazing actor, but he’ll always be Han Solo and Indiana Jones in my heart no matter what role he plays.

He also plays the part of Richard Castle really well. He really does a great job coming across as a confident and charming best-selling author. And that leads me to another thing I enjoy about the show–I love that the protagonist is an author. Over the last few years, I’ve really gotten into reading and I’m intrigued by how authors work so it’s been fun to get a peak into the life of a writer.

The supporting characters are also interesting, especially Kate Beckett. She has a dark and mysterious past that I can’t wait to crack open. Sure, we’ve gotten some of the details already, but there seems to be more story to tell there. It’s also nice to see a strong female lead, even if she can’t help but fall for Castle.

If you haven’t watched the show and you like murder mysteries or you like writing or you just like Nathan Fillion, then I would definitely recommend Castle. In fact, even if you don’t particularly like any of those things, you still might like the show. It’s fun and easy to watch.


  1. I can see the point of the explicit penis comment, but it goes a long way to portray the crass and “jerk” level of Captain Hammer’s Character, Very well delivered by Nathan as well. It was fantastic I think the songs for act II were really epic which was awesome.

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