So I Finally Finished Season 7 of Supernatural

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And all I can say is…meh.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like Supernatural. I would actually consider it one of my favorite shows, right up there with Firefly and Lost, but Season 7 was a definite step down.

Season 1-5 were all outstanding. The finale of Season 5 saw the conclusion of a story arch that had been building since the first season and, in my mind, the whole thing paid off. As a result, I was pretty concerned that Season 6 wouldn’t live up, but the writers surprised me and managed to put together another solid season. Perhaps it wasn’t quite as outstanding as the previous seasons, but it was still really good.

And then there was Season 7… From the start, Season 7 was clearly a full step down from Season 6 and it just never got better. There were so many reasons that the previous seasons were so amazing, but it really came down to one thing: great writing. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for Season 7. It was like the entire writing team was replaced with 11 year old boys.

There were just so many problems, but perhaps the biggest issue was that the villains were terrible. Let me break it down a bit.

  1. The leviathans looked really stupid with those giant teeth exploding out of their faces.
  2. A leviathan is a giant sea beast, not a shape shifter. Everyone knows that, right? Why reuse a term that just doesn’t fit?
  3. The leviathans’ plot to take over corporate America was A) really boring and mundane and B) not something that two Hunters could really fight, despite all of their talents and resources. It just didn’t work. Nobody wants to watch Sam and Dean fight an enemy that is taking over the world with tainted corn syrup. Seriously. Stupid.
  4. The leader’s name was Dick. Ugh. I lost count at how many times I cringed at the horribly juvenile dick jokes that seemed to be required in each episode. Of all of the offenses, this is the worst in my opinion. I have come to expect better writing than that.

Sadly, I could go on. About how Sam and Dean are getting stale as characters. About how they are no longer developing at all and just seem to do the job out of habit. About how uninspiring it is to watch characters that don’t really care anymore. About how all of the good secondary characters are dead or were missing for the majority of the season (they did at least resolve that near the end to some degree). About how all of the comfortable elements of the show were missing–Bobby’s house, the Impala, classic rock.

The bottom line is that I was pretty darn disappointed. But I wouldn’t be this disappointed if I didn’t care. I’m disappointed, because the show has been so good in the past, but Season 7 was just so bad. I almost quit on it several times. As it was, I had the finale on my DVR for well over a month before I got around to watching it.

Despite my love for the show, I don’t think I can continue to put myself through another season of that kind of torture. I’m giving Season 8 five episodes and if it isn’t a significant step up, I’m done. I hate to say it, but that’s how it has to be. Here’s to hoping that Season 8 is a huge upgrade!