Star Trek: TNG Makes Me Happy

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Okay, so I promised to post about my favorite books of 2012 and that’s definitely coming, but I want to make sure that I give that post the consideration it needs and I don’t have time for that just now.

Instead, I thought I would quickly share a random thought that I had this evening: Star Trek The Next Generation makes me happy. I didn’t watch Next Gen when it originally aired. As I’ve noted previously, my parents aren’t geeks and I missed out on some great stuff as a kid. One of those things was obviously Next Gen.

I’ve always been a bit apprehensive about Star Trek, being the Star Wars fan that I am. I’ve seen bits and pieces over the years (some of the original series and a couple of the movies), but I never actively sat down and attempted to watch any of the more recent shows. Recently, I worked up that courage and began watching Next Gen on Netflix and I’m glad I did.

Despite all of the goofiness, I really enjoy the show. So what if the science isn’t always particularly sound and that the crews seem to take almost no precautions when visiting alien worlds. So what if the producers couldn’t be bothered with location shooting and that those one-piece uniforms are simply ridiculous. All those things, good or bad, are part of what makes the show special, iconic even.

But what I really like about the show is the optimism. The crew of the Enterprise operates under the notion that the human race is capable of further evolution and peaceful existence (the prime directive), and has in fact come a long way in those departments. That’s a pretty noble dream. Perhaps it’s unattainable, but it’s a refreshing viewpoint when so much of today’s entertainment is gritty and pessimistic.

Just thought I would share that before I head off to bed. Night, folks.