Summer TV: Supernatural

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I recently started watching the first season of Supernatural after hearing good things about the show for awhile. At this point, I’ve watched the first four episodes and I have say that I’m enjoying it so far. I’m not really huge into the whole horror scene, but I’m not that concerned about that as I’m also not a huge vampire fan and yet and I love Buffy and Angel.

I think the main thing that has drawn me in so far is the characters. Sam and Dean really just feel like normal guys, like real, down-to-earth people, despite the fact that they are hunting demons for a living. Maybe they are a little one dimensional at this point, but I think we are going to see more layers as the story progresses.

I also like the background story that helps string together the one-shot episodes. Only four episodes in and I’m already dying to find out what is going on with their father and find out what happened with their mother and Sam’s girlfriend.

Lastly, I dig the music. I like how they use classic rock to set the mood of a scene and it seems to work pretty well. Sometimes it seems a little forced, but I love classic rock and I’ll give them a pass. I mean, anyone that uses Rush in a TV show is okay in my book.