Warehouse 13, A Fun Season

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Warehouse 13 just wrapped up its third season on Monday with a two-hour finale and I thought I would pass along some of my thoughts about the final episode, this season, and the show as a whole.

First off, I thought I should start by saying for the benefit of those that have never watched the show that Warehouse is really fun. Perhaps it can get a little too goofy at times, but, in general, the episodes are entertaining and amusing.

Warehouse 13 is a show about an organization that collects, decommissions, and stores magical objects. It’s kind of like a lighthearted, whimsical version of The X-Files, but with a steampunk vibe, which I think works pretty well. The agents are responsible for capturing magical objects so it’s only fitting that their tech has a fantastic bent.

In addition to the premise, the characters are a major selling point of the series. The writers have done a nice job putting together a group of lovable and charming characters…who also happen to have plenty of baggage and shortcomings, but that only makes them more human and easy to relate to.

Of the characters, I think I’ve got to pick Claudia as my favorite because she’s so quirky, but I also like Artie, Myka, and Pete as well. And then there’s also H.G. Wells, Mrs. Frederick, Leena, and Jinksy. So yeah, the show a pretty nice group of characters and a good group of actors.

My one complaint is probably with the writing. It’s actually pretty good, but there a couple of things that I think could be better. For example, I often feel like Pete is little more than an overgrown 12-year-old and I have a hard time taking him seriously as a character. That, and let’s face it, these guys are REALLY BAD agents. I mean, they really can’t go an episode without screwing something up. I guess it’s kind of necessary to make the show interesting, but it does make me roll my eyes a bit at from time to time.

Overall, season three was solid. The quality has been pretty consistent from day one, but, if anything, season three was the best yet. H.G Wells was a pretty cool addition in season two so it was cool to see more of her this season. I also thought that underlying story arc was pretty good. They really expanded the lore of the Warehouse and I liked that pretty well, learning about previous Warehouses and the regents and so forth.

To cap it off, I think season three had the best finale. I can’t say too much without spoiling the episode, but I thought that the first hour especially was really good. It got way more emotional and way more violent than I would have guessed. The writers really raised the stakes for the finale and that was good to see.

Honestly, Warehouse 13 is probably the best show that Syfy has put together since Battlestar Galactica. I’m really looking forward to another season.