What’s Going On With Supernatural?

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I discovered Supernatural on Netflix as the sixth season was airing on television. By the time the seventh and current season premiered, I was already caught up to season six. I quickly devoured that season as well and I’ve been able to watch most of this season as it aired.

That’s been nice, but what would be even better is if the show was worth my time. Seasons one through five were all great and the story really came to a pretty neat ending, but they decided to bring it back for a sixth season. I was skeptical, but it was actually pretty solid. Not as good as the first five perhaps, but not a huge step down.

Season seven, however, has been a huge disappointment and it’s for more reasons than I can ever hope to identify in one blog post, but here are the main points:

  1. The villains suck. This season’s baddies, the leviathans, are totally lame and the CG that goes with them might be even more so.
  2. The story sucks. The plot just doesn’t work. The villains are so “sophisticated” that Sam and Dean don’t have any idea how to bring them down. That’s really nothing new, but this time it’s more like they are trying to fight a global corporation. How can two hunters combat that?
  3. The writing sucks. The last episode (the one with the real estate agents) was so bad, I almost turned it off. This season has been full of one-shoot episodes (which is normal), but they lack the creativity and wit that we saw in previous seasons. I mean, the episode with the clowns…what were they thinking? And all the “dick” jokes are horribly cringe-worthy.
  4. There’s no suspense anymore. Sam and Dean have died so many times now, you never worry that they won’t pull through.
  5. Sam and Dean are miserable. They’ve seen it all and they are both clearly sick of their situation, but can’t find a way out. Their despondence is so tangible, it transfers to the viewers. There’s no hope for a happy ending any more.
  6. There’s nobody left. The writers have killed off every single decent secondary character. No Castiel, Bobby, Rufus, Jo, Ellen. Sam and Dean are just depressing. I need some other characters to insert some comic relief or at least take the focus off the protagonists for a minute.
  7. There’s no fun. All of the things that made the show awesome are gone. The Impala’s gone. They no longer play rock music each episode. Even Bobby’s house was burned down. There’s nothing left and it’s depressing as hell.

Overall, I’m just really disappointed with this season. One of the things that made me fall in love with the show was the writing. For a long time, it was fantastic. The writer’s had an excellent sense of humor, but also knew when it was time to be serious. Now, all that is gone.

I guess I should have seen it coming. I mean, what show in its seventh season is still as good as it was in the past? There are some (Seinfeld maybe), but not many. Most fall apart well before then and get cancelled.

I don’t think there are many episodes left to the season so I’m going to stick with it. But if the show comes back for an eight season, it better step it up or I’m done.


  1. Zayne says:

    Hey. Just found this blog and enjoyed reading your thoughts.

    It’s interesting to hear your thoughts on the show at this point. I don’t know if you continued watching but a couple things, namely #6 have been remedied to an extent. I read several interviews before the season even started about trying take Dean and Sam’s comfort zone away and really put them out on their own. I thought it was an interesting concept at the time, despite the fact that I was still fuming from the announcement that Cas was not going to be a regular. However, I think the execution left a lot to be desired. The show is already dark but the hits just kept coming. They could never catch a freaking break and it started to become exhausting.

    I don’t know if bringing Bobby back the way they did was a plan from the beginning or a course-correction but I couldn’t be happier with the way the arc is playing out. Seeing the whole journey of a ghost from wanting to stay and help to vengeful spirit has been really cool to me. Also, the first episode with Cas coming back seemed like a gigantic apology to the fans. “We’re sorry we completely boned your favorite character for plot convenience, here’s the angel you love back!” The quality also seems to be improving since that episode.

    I agree that the Leviathan arc never quite got off the ground but considering Kripke only ever had a 5-season storyline planned for this show, it’s not surprising that a dip in quality has reared its ugly head. There unfortunately has not been a great meta episode like The French Mistake or Changing Channels and it’s been missed.

    Thankfully, I think they’ve really made a strong push towards the finale and I’m interested to see how it all plays out. Season 8 should be interesting now that we’re getting another showrunner…again.

  2. ANON says:

    well there’s plenty of supernatural fans who do like season 6 and are looking forward to season 7 and 8 and so on the story villians and the heros are ALL awesome and i believe they should continue with more seasons if you don’t like the show or lost interest because of the newer story plot then the most simple fix is not to watch it maybe star trek or star wars is more your type of series the new plot is just getting started and it will get better with long series like this it takes awhile for the story plot to make sense but the avid supernatural fans me included appreciate the new story plot and will continue watching every time a tv series decides to add something new into the story the sheep have to whine about how they don’t like the change

  3. Dan Vaccarella says:

    It’s a TV series with its ups and downs and six entertaining seasons. There’s been some
    Bad writing but that’s comes with being a fan. Sure I think loosing Bobby was a bad idea
    and Cas is/was always their last Hope. All that can be done is share with the writers our thoughts and wait for a response.

    i’ll continue to watch and remain a fan and hope the series dies a good death.
    I wiish “Sam & Dean” success with current and future projects and say thanks for the many
    Entertaining hours on “Supernatural”.

    And for all you Luke warm fans there’s always “Nikita”

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